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Don't Say It's Not Possible [entries|friends|calendar]
Thin Optimism

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hi [03/05/09]

Name: Lena
Age: 23
Location: Canada
Height: 5'8
Highest Weight: 145 (teenage yoyoing)
Current Weight: 108
Goal Weight: 102

The title ThinPositive really attracted me into taking a look here. I'm not sure where I fit in. To be honest, I have had bouts of anorexia when I was younger coming from the awkwardness I felt as a child in Asia and then moving to North America... it was pervasive throughout my teenage years, until I went off to college where I fell in love.

Love made me crazy enough to lose a lot of my inhibitions when it came to food... that and the fact that the man I fell in love with was a beam of positivity and understanding, not just of me, but of others. I never told him about my eating disorder, I didn't need to, I learned most of my lessons through my own observation. His curiosity and his unrivaled belief that anything done out of negativity will result in more pain and hardship was shocking to me at the time. He made me realize that I had never forgiven myself.... and that it was because there was nothing to forgive in the first place. It sounds very new-agey, but its hard to summarize half a decade with a few short paragraphs.

I'm still not quite sure whether this place can welcome someone like me, but I'd love to see if anyone shares similar experiences.

I have been on an ongoing diet for close to an year now. I have had a few bad days but for the most part, I have stayed on path, and although slow, and arduous, I've gotten most of what I wanted, and am now down to the last 6 pounds. I guess, besides wanting to look good, I really wanted to prove to myself that I could change the negative associations I have had with the word "diet" and "food" that I've had for most of my life. And, I am pretty happy at the moment, as I feel that I've accomplished that, and almost as if it was a divine bonus for doing it the right way, I've lost more weight than I had ever intended to in the beginning.

My new goal weight of 102, is completely for vanity's sake ;)
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hi my name is... [05/21/08]


name: natasha
age: 18
location: norway
height: 168cm
weight: 70kg
goal weight: 60 (short term > august 20th) 48 (long term > summer vacation 2009)
BMI: 24.8
goal BMI: (from the calculator) 17

other: i actually joined this community a long time ago, but gave up on dieting because i just wasn't motivated. now, i've finally found my motivation, which is to attend Waseda University in Tokyo next year. i've decided i need to become a more hardworking person, on all levels not only school. & so i've decided to try to lose weight again. and this time i'm not giving up.

i don't know if this comm is still active, but i'd love to meet people who need help staying motivated/want to help keep me motivated (diet buddies i guess?)

anyways, much love sweeties~!
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New to thinspire [01/27/08]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Name: Emma
CW: 134
HW: 140
TW: 116

Height: 5'1"
Age: 21
BMI: 25.4


 I'm here, basically, because I'm desperate to feel good about myself again. Over the past year I've put on a ton of weight and recently have found myself slipping into some old, very bad habits like binging and cutting, and although I know that getting back down to my TW won't fix all of the self hate and anxiousness that is the cause (and the result) of all of that, I'm hoping it will help. I used to believe my bf when he told me I'm beautiful, and I would really like to get back to that place again.

If anyone would like to buddy up for a fast or diet, or just to stay in touch, please add me on LJ or email me etc. There's nothing on my profile page yet because I this account is purely thinspirational (I suffered from bulimia when I was younger, and I really don't want my friends who know that to worry too much.)

Good luck, and happy weight loss everyone!


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New: [01/26/08]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Name: Randie
Age: 16
Location: U.S.
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 93
Goal Weight: 85 (for now)
BMI: 19.4
Goal BMI: 18 (for now)
****I am joining here because I need all the support I can get, and would like to talk to other people who are going through this as well. I am ana because of the fact that everything around me seems uncontrolable, but the fact that only I control what goes into my body is very comforting...my food intake, and my weight, are MY decisions and no one elses.

If you have AIM, and what to talk...IM me @ .....


It'd be nice to get to know some of you, and to help where I can. :-)
I would like to talk to anybody of all ages...but it'd be nice to talk to some girls around my age about this...

I am on the 2468 diet...anyone doing that diet?

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New Starts [01/15/08]

[ mood | anxious ]

**sigh** someone found my previous ana LJ so i created a new one. hopefully i can get the support i need with this one.
my stats are:
height: 5'8"
cw: 139
lw: 100
hw: 142
gw: 114
gw2: 120
when i weighed 100 pounds i had a stay in the hospital that caused me to miss two photo sets which i know could have potentialy introduced me to a successful modeling career. it opened my eyes to the fact that i have to scarafice to be thin, but i have to know my limits. beauty is a very fine line i guess. after i put on more weight (129) i booked another shoot and although i felt enormous; it was a success. ive decided (after gaining a lot of stress weight) that i want to be smaller than i am now, but not to the extreme i was then. my goal is 114 (which on a leggy 5'8" frame is very thin). im trying to be healthy about it with a deit and exercise. however im so used to living by the rules: eat as little as possible, just enough to keep you awake. and burn off twice as much as you take in....its very difficult.  im working very hard. 

i have currently quit my job because it was causing me so much stress. now i work from home in project and services management for a very successful cabling and infrastructure company. its something im good at but not something very interesting. however, it pays for new cameras and tattoos (yes i am also a body modification addict as well). 

i would like support here and understanding. id also like to be able to offer that to other people. 

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Helloo [12/06/07]

Name: Waffle
Age: 17
Location: California
Height: 5'6.5"
Weight: 121
Goal Weight: 108
BMI: 19.2
Goal BMI: 17
Other: Why I let myself get to 121 is a mystery to me.

I am very happy that this community exists!

EDIT: I went to to the doctor's office the day after posting this and I am 119.
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working for me and weird dreams [10/19/07]

the juddd diet seems to be working for me.
we haven't had our first weigh in at updaydownday, but just judging from my clothes, i've definitely lost this first week of the challenge.

my cal limit today is 397.
i have my day all mapped out at Spark People.

i'm starting a new job tonight, but i think i can stick to it even though i'll have to eat in front of other people. i'm getting used to planning ahead and thinking up excuses for people who don't understand. i've just got a little sick of giving them the JUDDD spiel every time someone asks why i'm eating so little on a downday.

has anyone else noticed that when you start to feel good about yourself while restricting, you do things to make yourself feel even better? i'm talking about things like fake tan or painting your toenails. i even booked myself in for a bikini wax, lol.


x-posted a bit.
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Hello! [10/15/07]

[ mood | chipper ]

Name: J
Age: 19
Location: USA
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 210
Goal Weight: 120
BMI: 38.4
Goal BMI: 20

Hello everyone! My name is J, short for Jesse or Jessica. :D I'm a fairly optimistic person, though I seem to lack control. Especially when it comes to eating and exorcising. I need a lot of help, and some motivation, to say the least.

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me set some goals? Or give me tips or ideas on what I should eat daily? I'd be glad to help motivate in turn, and get to know people better!

I'm a poor college student at the moment, so my primary diet is top ramen. (Bad J!) And I spend more time infront of the computer then I'm sure is recommended.

So! Hello to everyone!

A pleasure to meet you all!

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15 lbs in 25 days.
give me some hope.
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JUDDD 6 week challenge starts 11th October! [10/11/07]

for anyone who missed the invite the first time, the juddd 6 week challenge starts on the 11th of october.

all details and support are available at the comm updaydownday.

it's not too late to join, so head on over and register by joining the comm and commenting on the challenge registration post.

i can't wait to see how much everyone loses in 6 weeks!

x-posted some
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